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Automotive Waste Management delivers
affordable & eco-friendly waste removal services. We offer good service and good rewards that are good for the environment and good for you.

Automotive Waste Management T/A
The Used Oil Company is a specialist recycling and used mineral oil collection company. We collect over 2 000 000ℓ of used motor oil every year which we then deliver to refineries to process and recycle. All of this is done in compliance with the Waste Act. We believe that by reusing and recycling used oil, we save the environment and we save our clients money.

Why is used oil a hazard?

Not only does used oil pose a
serious threat to the environment, it also poses a threat to you. Used oil, if incorrectly disposed of, can make its way into rivers, lakes and streams. This in turn can affect your drinking water as well as the toxin levels in the ocean.

Used oil also carries heavy metals and toxins as a result of the stresses it undergoes while it lubricates. If not correctly disposed of, these toxins and heavy metals can be released into the environment. Used oil contains arsenic, lead and chromium as well as cancer-causing PAHs.

We aim to deliver environmentally friendly and economically viable solutions to our clients in the used oil industry




We Collect

  Used oil (including engine oil,
    gearbox oil and hydraulic oil),

  Used oil filters and bottles,

  Oil rags,

  Contaminated water,

  Oil separator waste.


90% reduction in landfill,

Excellent service,

Reduced monthly costs for waste removal,

Reverse waste cost to profit,

Compliance with Waste Act regulations,

Creating good business practices,

Direct contribution to environmental


About us

Automotive Waste Management T/A
The Used Oil Company is a registered used oil collection and recycling company. We have been delivering eco-friendly and affordable solutions to our clients in the used oil industry since 2007. We provide our services to clients in six provinces and offer excellent service and good financial rewards to our clients.

We are registered members of NORA-SA (the National Oil Recycling Association of South Africa) and a recommended collector for ROSE Foundation (Recycling Oil Saves the Environment) and we work within the regulations laid out by them. We have been rated as one of the top 3 collection companies in Gauteng for 2 years running.

All of our oil is delivered to recognised and accredited processors/refiners that specialise in manufacturing industrial burning fuels as an alternative to coal energy. This recycled oil is returned to the lubricant industry as base oil.

We pay our clients to remove their used oil. All of our clients benefit financially and environmentally from our services. For more information on our services, please visit our services page.





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