Servicing Your Oil Water Separator

How Often Should I Service My Oil Water Separator?

Most water authorities require a written service contract to be in place when an oil separator is installed onsite. Typical service intervals are between three and six months depending on the type of separator, the volume of water being processed and the amount of oil and sludge being removed.

If you're still unsure, ask a specialist in oil water separators to help you with your service and maintenance schedule.

How to Service Oil Water Separator?

Although it is advisable to have specialised contractors service your oil water separator, it is possible to service the equipment in-house by following the manufacturers manual. These manuals normally contain principles of operation, and detailed instructions including drawings of parts and connections.

If you have a hydrocyclone oil water separator, you'll need to check the:

For a coalescing separator, you'll need to check:

You'll need to check and clean the waste oil tank and separator to remove sludge and waste. You'll also need to drain the separator and remove the media packs before cleaning these with a high-pressure washer.

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