Oil Separators


Oil separators

With the cleaning of the vehicle /trucks/equipment etc water is contaminated by the oil and dirt .

Mechanical separator's are installed that ensure oil waste is separated from the normal dirty water. These separators need to be serviced on a regular basis according to use and flow. If the separator is not service the separator will block and overflow creating spillage. 

Selecting An Oil Separator

Although oil separator catalogs show capacity in tons or horsepower, the actual tonnage or Btu capacity may vary widely from the horsepower size of the compressor. Actual capacity of compressors is dependent on suction pressures, discharge pressures, liquid temperatures, rpm, and the density of the suction gases.

The larger the capacity of the compressor, the larger the separator's volume must be, regardless of the piping size connections of the separator. The separator must be large enough to match the compressor, and the connection sizes must be the same, or larger, than the discharge line size of the system. This allows the discharge gases in the separator to be near the same pressure as the discharge line because of minimal pressure drop within the oil separator. 

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