Listed Wastes

When it comes to listed wastes, there are four sub-types of listed wastes. Among these are wastes that fall into the F-list, K-list, P-list and the U-list.

F-List Wastes

Simply put, the F-list includes any wastes that have a nonspecific source, but are produced from manufacturing and industrial processes. Because they can be generated in various sectors of industry and manufacturing, their ultimate source becomes nonspecific.

Of the F-list wastes, depending on the operations that produce the wastes, they can be divided into seven groups. These source identification groups are as follows:

  1. Dioxin-bearing wastes
  2. Wood-preserving wastes
  3. Spent solvent wastes
  4. Petroleum refinery wastewater treatment sludges
  5. Chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons production
  6. Multisource leachate
  7. Electroplating and other metal finishing wastes

K-List Wastes

Unlike F-list wastes, K-list wastes are specific wastes that have specific industry sources. Particular production and treatment processes generate certain types of wastewater and sludge that become distinguishable as hazardous wastes.

Since their sources are specific, they are classified as source-specific hazardous wastes. The top 13 industries that generate K-lists are seen below:

  1. Iron and steel production
  2. Petroleum refining
  3. Inorganic pigment manufacturing
  4. Explosives manufacturing
  5. Ink formulation
  6. Veterinary pharmaceuticals manufacturing
  7. Primary aluminum production
  8. Organic chemicals manufacturing
  9. Pesticides manufacturing
  10. Coking (processing of coal to produce coke)
  11. Inorganic chemicals manufacturing
  12. Wood preservation
  13. Secondary lead processing

For both F-lists and K-lists, these wastes are identified by an EPA-assigned code. They characterize the wastes depending on if they contain any of the following codes: Toxic Waste (T), Acute Hazardous Waste (H), Ignitable Waste (I), Corrosive Waste (C ), Reactive Waste (R ), Toxicity Characteristic Waste (E).

P-List & U-List Wastes

P-list and U-list wastes are specific commercial chemical products that are disposed of, but unused. To be considered as one of these wastes, they must meet certain criteria and be commercial grade formulations of specific unused chemicals.

Wastes must be discarded and unused to meet the following criteria to be considered P-list or U-list wastes:

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